08 Dec 2017

    How to protect against WPA2 vulnerability (KRACKs) - Office Multi-function printers, small office multi-function printers, production printers, and laser beam printers with Wi-Fi feature

    ‚ÄčThank you for using Canon products.

    With the recent disclosure of WPA2 Vulnerability (KRACKs), we would like to provide information on proper safeguards to mitigate risks associated with this vulnerability when using Canon products.

    Supplementary Information on KRACKs:
    A vulnerability known as KRACKs in the standard wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) encryption protocol WPA2 has been made public recently. This vulnerability allows an attacker to intentionally intercept the wireless transmission between the client (terminal equipped with Wi-Fi functionality) and the access point (the router etc.) to perform potentially malicious activity. For that reason, this vulnerability cannot be exploited by anyone outside the range of the Wi-Fi signal or by anyone in a remote location using the internet as an intermediary.

    Affected Products:
    All office multi-function printers, small office multi-function printers, production printers and laser beam printers with Wi-Fi feature.


    • Use wired connection (e.g. USB cable or Ethernet cable)
    • Use encryption (TLS / IPsec) settings to encrypt communication data (For selected model with encryption feature).

    Please refer to the product's User's Guide for detailed setting change procedures.

    We would also recommend you to take measures against the vulnerability of the connected devices including PCs and smart phones.

    Contact information for Inquiries:
    ‚ÄčPlease contact your nearest service centre if you have any queries.