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Recycling at Canon India

What does Canon recycle?

Canon India complies with the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 and E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018. As part of Extended Producers' Responsibility, Canon has set up a collection mechanism to channelize and dispose e-waste.

The following items are disposed in an environment friendly way:

  1. As a Producer Canon collects the following ewaste:​
  • End of life products like copiers, printers, FAX etc.
  • Ink cartridges & Toner cartridges
  • Camera Batteries
  1. As a Bulk Consumer of electronic equipment (both Canon & non-Canon make) like laptops, PCs, printers, copiers etc.

How does Canon recycle in India?

We have tied up with M/s Exigo Recycling Pvt Ltd as our Authorized recycler & Producer Responsible Organisation (PRO) along with M/s Karo Sambhav Pvt. Ltd as Producer Responsible Organisation (PRO) who would channelize the E-Waste to their authorized recyclers for recycling E-Waste in an environment friendly way.

How can you participate in the Canon Recycling Programme in India?

Collection points/centers of our PRO, Karo Sambhav Pvt. Ltd. have been identified as drop points for collection of E-Waste. You can deposit your E-Waste at the collection points/centers at any of these locations .

In case you have more than 10KG of E-Waste & you wish to dispose of your E-Waste from any location other than the above please fill the form  and we would be happy to assist you. 

Canon India Pvt. Ltd (CIPL) has set up various models for collection of E-Waste as under:

Buy Back Scheme-

Canon India Pvt. Ltd (CIPL) comes out with buy back schemes from time to time for select models of printers. Customers can trade-in old printer while buying new printer & in turn get discount on the new printer. This helps Canon India Pvt. Ltd get used printers in return which are ultimately handed over to CIPL appointed Recycler/Producer responsibility organization (PRO) for recycling such used printers in environment friendly manner.

Collection Centers / Points-

CIPL is solely utilizing the collection points/centers of appointed PRO, Karo Sambhav Pvt Ltd for collection of E-Waste.  The collection centers/ points are managed by our PRO. List of such collection points/centers is submitted to CPCB & revision in such collection points/centers is also informed to CPCB from time to time. The list of collection points/centers belonging to PRO of CIPL can be seen on e-waste page by clicking the link on the official website of CIPL. Any person/agency who intends to deposit the e-waste for recycling can go to CIPL official website & check the nearest collection point/center & drop the E-waste from where it is collected by CIPL authorized Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) who channelize the e-waste to authorized recyclers for recycling in environment friendly manner.

Rental return Printers-

CIPL offers select model of printers to customers on rental for which rental agreement is signed between CIPL & customers.  Printers are given for a contractual term & once the contracted term is completed, customer  have the option of extending the contract depending on the status of printer’s  or the printers  are returned back by customer either to CIPL who in turn hands over such collected printer’s to  CIPL authorized PRO/Recycler for recycling in environmental friendly manner  or customer may also hand over such printer’s directly to CIPL authorized PRO on directions from CIPL & such collected printers are sent for recycling in environment friendly manner.

Online form submission for E-Waste pick - up

In case customer cannot drop the E-Waste at collection points appointed by  CIPL & customer carries a substantial volume of e-waste then customer can call CIPL customer helpline or go to e-waste page in CIPL authorized website, fill the online form, submit it after mentioning the details required in online form. The said inquiry will come to CIPL dedicated team. The inquiry is then allocated to PRO for pickup of E-Waste from customer place.

E-Waste procurement by PRO

Besides collecting the E-Waste from various sources as described above, in order to achieve the E-Waste targets as per the EPR approval, CIPL through its PRO also procures E-Waste from open market like aggregators, bulk consumers/office clusters, RWA etc.

Revision Details

Effective 25th Aug 2020, Canon India Pvt. Ltd. has tied up with Exigo Recycling Pvt Ltd for managing direct collections from customers, CIPL warehouses &  E-Waste procurements from open market & with Karo Sambhav Pvt Ltd on 9th Sep2020  for managing direct collections from customers, collection points/centers  & executing various programs towards creating consumer awareness on E-Waste. The summary of our tie-ups with Exigo Recycling Pvt Ltd & Karo Sambhav for managing E-Waste collection & awareness activities is as under.

How to reach Canon for Collection and recycling in environmentally friendly manner?

Toll Free Number: 1860-180-3366

Can a recycling box be placed at your workplace?

In case your consumption of toner cartridges is large (100 no’s in a month) and you would want us to place a recycling box at your premise, you may place your request through our call centre. You may also send us an email to request for a recycling box to be placed at your premise.

CIPL would assess the feasibility and let you know about the placement of bins. Click here   to have a look at the Recycling Box

All Canon products covered under E-Waste Management Rules 2016 comply with the requirements of ROHS and prohibits use of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polybrominated diphenyl ethers in concentrations exceeding 0.1 % by weight and 0.01 % by weight for Cadmium, except for the exemptions set in Schedule II of the Rule.