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When do I register my warranty?

We would recommend you to register your Canon product warranty as soon as possible. This will enable Canon Singapore to render the necessary service and coverage. 

You can register your Canon product warranty online here. Do note that warranty coverage starts from the date of purchase as indicated in the original sales invoice.

During registration of my warranty online, I encounter the error messages. What should I do?


Error Message

What You Need To Check


Registration number  is invalid
Verify that you have entered the correct serial number.
Check that your warranty card is issued from Canon Singapore.
If the error persists, please email us.


Invalid Date
Check that the date of purchase is within the last 2 years.
If you received your product later than the date you purchased it, please key in the delivery or collection date instead. 
If the error persists, please email us.


Inactive Account

An activation email was sent to you at the time of registration.
Please check your inbox/spam/junk folder and use the link provided to activate your account. 
If you cannot locate the email, please email us.


Different model name

If the model in our system is different from the one you purchased, please email us.


Invalid serial number

Verify that you have entered the correct serial number. 
Check that your warranty card is issued from Canon Singapore. 
If the error persists, please email us.

Where can I find the serial number for my Canon's product?

The serial number is usually located on the bottom of the product. 

If I forgot my password, what should I do?

Go to the Canon Edge login page and click on 'Forgotten Password?'. Enter the email address with which you registered to Canon Edge and you will receive an email with your new password. 

After registration, I did not receive a confirmation email, why?

You might have made a mistake in the email address at the time of registration, hence we were unable to send an email to you. Therefore, please try to re-register with the correct email address and you should receive an email notification from us. 

Can my warranty be extended?

You can extend your warranty from this page. Warranty cannot be extended a month before the date of standard warranty expiry.

When I register my product on Canon Edge portal, it keeps saying inactive account. I have tried to reset password as well, but nothing helps

Canon Edge will automatically send an activation link to the email address you used to register. Please check your inbox or junk folder for the activation link.

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