Diversity - Canon India

Diversity Policy

At Canon, we are committed and determined to be a diverse and equal opportunity employer. We make consistent efforts to achieve parity in hire, development and retention of employees. We are constantly taking affirmative actions to create a work environment that is truly representative of the diverse community where every individual feels valued irrespective of the demography he/she belongs to.​
On this journey, we periodically review impediments in achieving fair representation by coming up with an actionable strategy which will effectively address these challenges. We wish to focus on gender diversity in our mid-term strategy. The strategy is based on four pillars:​
  • Hire - Promoting equal representation of women candidates in the recruitment and selection process; thus ensuring fair gender balance of employees at all levels and functions.
  • Sensitise - Organising gender sensitisation workshops & e-learning courses on relevant topics.
  • Develop - Helping employees develop inter- personal, functional and leadership skills to enable them to achieve goals and improve performance.
  • Retain – Analysing attrition trends for understanding any unique challenges faced by women and making efforts to mitigate those.

Message from President & CEO

At Canon India, we are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity of human resources. Our diversity policy is in line with our corporate philosophy ‘Kyosei’ – living & working together into the future. While we intend to promote diversity in all dimensions; in the mid-term (3-5 years’ timeframe) our focus would be to improve our gender diversity.​​

Gender Diversity number target

Our target is to improve our gender diversity ratio from 13% as on date to 20% in the next 3 to 5 years. All HR policies, processes and practices are being reviewed to support this target. ​

Diversity committee

WE@Canon has been constituted as the Diversity committee where WE stands for Women Empowerment. This committee is chaired by the President & CEO, steered by the steering committee members and the senior women leaders are advisors to the CEO to support various initiatives that can bring positive shift in the organization’s gender ratio.

Developing women leaders

Leadership development through a competency framework, integrated into the selection and performance management system helps in development of managerial & leadership skills. Coaching initiative is helping develop leaders within the organisation. Workshops conducted on topics which address issues like ‘unconscious bias’ help people-managers to recognise and overcome such issues. ‘Ladies Power Lunch’ were small group lunches hosted by the CEO which helped capture the voice of women employees on what they needed to build their careers.

Learning from Industry/Diversity Leaders

Diversity leaders and industry experts are invited to deliver talks on various topics to help create a healthy, unbiased and a great workplace. Various workshops, both external and internal have been conducted on topics like self-defence, work-life balance, mind matters and personal branding.​

Work life balance at Canon

We believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy work life balance. The organisation offers five-day working, virtual working, flexi-timings and comprehensive leave benefits to its employees.​

Prevention of harassment at work

At Canon India, we are committed to providing employees a safe and secure environment. We commit ourselves to zero tolerance to any kind of harassment. We have implemented a Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace. We have the Internal Committee and the Discipline committee for redressal of any complaints.

Equal Pay for equal work

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate in the compensation offered irrespective of the gender. Our selection and promotions are merit based.​

Gender sensitisation

Various gender sensitization workshops and sessions like ‘Fine Balance’ have been organized for our senior management team and key managers to address unconscious biases present in workplace. Sessions emphasizing on the role of leaders/managers in building and sustaining an enabling work environment and managing diversity have also been conducted.​

Supporting the working parent

  • Maternity/ Paternity Policy ​ - For our female employees, beyond the maternity leave of 26 weeks, we provide flexible working options which enable them to make a smooth transition back to work. We offer 5 days paternity leave to new fathers too.
  • Creche Facility - For young parents we offer support of crèches (near-site) across all our major office locations.