To macOS Sierra users



      When you use the printer driver for OS X EI Capitan (10.11) with macOS Sierra (10.12), you may encounter the following problems:
      - When you attempt to print, the "filter error" will be indicated and no printing can be performed.
      - Printing stops midway.
      - Print results are incorrect (some portions are missing, etc.).

      Solutions are now being prepared.

      For the time being, the problem may be solved in the following procedures:

      1. Select the paper size.
      In the Print Dialog, from the [ PDF ] pull-down menu, select [ Open PDF in Preview ].

      2. The OS Preview application will start. Select [ File ] > [ Save... ].

      3. In the Format box, select [ TIFF ].
      In the Resolution box, enter "600" and select [ pixels/inch ].
      Select [ Save ].

      4. Select [ File ] > [ Export... ].

      5. In the Format box, select [ TIFF ].
      Deselect [ Alpha ].
      Select [ Save ].

      6. Select [ File ] > [ Print... ].
      In the Print Dialog, select the same paper size as that you selected in step 1, then perform print settings in the printer driver.

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