EOS Software Cannot Be Installed



    If the following messages are displayed and installation of the EOS software is not possible, the computer’s operating system or the display may not meet the system requirements to run the software.
    Information on systems requirements for the EOS software is available in the software instruction manuals, or on the Canon Web site.
    Instruction manuals and software can be downloaded from the Canon Web site.
    If the computer’s Operating System or display resolution do not meet the system requirements, you can use a card slot on your computer (for equipped models) or a commercially available card reader to download images.
    For details, refer to the Related information below.

    Non-supported OS

    Display resolution does not meet the system requirements
    Please confirm that the display resolution meets the system requirements.
    [Control Panel] -> [Screen Resolution]
    • Windows 10
    [Windows Settings] -> [System] -> [Display]

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