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eMaintenance is an empowering service that lets you manage and control your Canon multifunction devices more efficiently. With this service, you can reduce administration burden, increase machine uptime and save the environment.

eMaintenance operation facility is certified Internet Data Center (IDC) with the following Certified Standard:

  1. ISO27001
  2. ISO20000
  3. ISO9001
  4. ISO14001
  5. Privacy mark

eMaintenance Features


eMaintenance includes consumables management to assist with order planning and stock control. That means you never have to run out of toner, nor do you have to stockpile to avoid running low.

Timely Meter Reading

The eMaintenance system automatically reports the counter readings to Canon Services, eliminating the need for you to manually check and report your readings. Auto reporting means less administration and more accurate billing.

Maximizing Up-time

Canon devices are automatically kept in tip-top condition to maximise up time. eMaintenance detects when a critical technical fault occurs, or when any devices is not performing up to standard, so timely support can be swiftly arranged. 

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnostics can be performed remotely to monitor the status, workload and usage pattern for each devices. This allows Canon backend or authorised partners to gather the necessary information for planning and servicing the device when required. 

Firmware Updates

The eMaintenance system allows automatically updates the firmware for imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices, allowing your entire device fleet to be updated in tandem. Scheduled updates can be arranged to take place during off-peak hours to further reduce interruptions. The contents are encrypted and added digital signature to avoid any tampering. Furthermore, hashed values are checked at time of content distribution to prevent replacement with suppositious contents during downloads.

Security Features

‚ÄčeMaintenance offers you automated, pro-active support without ever compromising your organization's need for security. The eMaintenance system consists of a secured internet server (Universal Gateway, or UGW) and monitoring equipments. These monitoring equipments collect the device information from the customers' sites and send it to UGW.

Types of monitoring equipment are available:

Embedded Remote Diagnostic System (eRDS)

Runs inside a device to acquire device information and sends it to the UGW.

Remote Diagnostic System Plug-in (RDS Plug-in)

Additional add-on for device management software. Device information is obtained via network and sends it to UGW. 

Remote Diagnostic System MEAP SMTP (RDS MEAP)

Additional application to be installed into the device to acquire its own device information and sends it to UGW. 

Security Measures

Data security is a key concern when designing the eMaintenance system. To protect your data, the system is built based on three key principles:


Only authorized users can access the asset information. A reliable, encrypted channel is created during communication to ensure data security.


Availability in the eMaintenance system means that the system keeps running and monitoring the devices, and that authorized users can be notified and access the system whenever needed.


Integrity in the eMaintenance system means that the protection assets information is accurate and complete, from transmission to maintenance of information.

Secure Data Transfer

The eMaintenance system is designed to minimize the amount of data being carried by the network while ensuring your systems are up and running. Between the device and UGW, encryption of data in HTTPS or SMTP communication are performed. Thus, even if communication is intercepted in the tranmission path, it will be not decrypted easily.

Only device related information are communication, such as counter information, toner status, alarms, device firmware and etc. 

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