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Recycling at Canon India

Canon India complies with the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2022 and E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2023. As part of Extended Producers’ Responsibility. Canon India offers recycling services to its customers to ensure environmentally sound management of e-waste by setting up a process for collection, channelisation and recycling of e-waste generated from the 'end-of-life' EEE products.

Canon India Pvt. Ltd. has tied up with M/s Exigo Recycling Pvt Ltd for managing direct collections from customers, CIPL warehouses & E-Waste procurements from open market & also tied-up with M/s Karo Sambhav Pvt. Ltd for executing various programs towards creating consumer awareness on E-Waste. 

1. What does Canon recycle?

I. As a Producer, Canon India collects the following end -of- life products to get them recycled in a safe & environment friendly manner:​

  • Printer including cartridges
  • Copying Equipment
  • Facsimile
  • Scanners
  • Video Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • Projector
  • CCTV Cameras

II. As a Bulk Consumer of electronic equipment (as listed in schedule 1), such products are handed-over to their Producers or to CPCB approved recyclers for its channelization & safe disposal after their end-of-life.

2. How Canon India comply under E-Waste Rules in India?

We have tied up with M/s Exigo Recycling Pvt Ltd as our Authorized recycler & Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) along with M/s Karo Sambhav Pvt. Ltd as Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) for Collecting and channelizing the e-waste generated from end-of-life products and thus helping us in:

  • Meeting e-waste collection targets as prescribed under the E-waste Rules.
  • Creating awareness through M/s Karo Sambhav.

3. How can you participate in the Canon Recycling Programme in India?

In case any customer  have more than 10 KG of E-Waste &  wish to dispose it, need to fill the form  and The said inquiry will then be allocated to CPCB approved & CIPL authorised PRO/ recycler for e-waste pickup from customer place. Customers can also contact us on our toll-free nos. for further assistance. Canon India would be happy to assist them.

Canon India Pvt. Ltd (CIPL) has set up various models for collection of E-Waste as under:

Buy Back Scheme-

Canon India Pvt. Ltd (CIPL) comes out with buy back schemes from time to time for select models of printers. Customers can get a buy-back price for old printer while buying new printer. Canon India will get such used printers recycled through CPCB approved recycler in an environment friendly manner.

Rental return Printers-

CIPL offers select model of printers to customers on rental for a contractual period against which a rental agreement is signed between CIPL & customers.   After the expiry of contractual period, customer  have an option of either extending the contract depending on the status of printer & as per their printing requirements  or the printers  are returned back by customer directly to CIPL/ CIPL authorized PRO/Recycler for recycling in an environmental friendly manner. 

E-Waste procurement by PRO

Besides collecting the E-Waste from various sources as described above, in order to achieve the E-Waste targets as per the EPR approval, CIPL through its PRO/ recycler also procures E-Waste from open market like aggregators, bulk consumers/office clusters, RWA etc.


4. How to reach Canon for Collection and recycling in environmentally friendly manner?

Toll Free Number: 1860-180-3366

Email Id:

ROHS compliance: 

All Canon products listed in schedule I of E-Waste Management Rules 2022, comply with the requirements of ROHS and don’t contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers beyond a maximum concentration value of 0.1 % by weight in homogeneous materials for lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers and of 0.01 % by weight in homogeneous material for Cadmium, except for the exemptions set in Schedule II of the Rule.