EOS C700 FF / EOS C700 FF PL

Full-frame Cinema EOS camera with 5.9K RAW video recording

Canon’s first Cinema EOS camera to feature a full-frame CMOS image sensor, the EOS C700 FF/EOS C700 FF PL is capable of recording video in 5.9K, and also achieves oversampled 4K movies with exceptional image quality in both the DCI 4K and UHD resolutions. The camera comes in EF mount and PL mount models, with the latter offering support for anamorphic lenses.

A high level of focusing control with high-speed, high-precision AF acquisition is achieved with Dual pixel CMOS AF. ENG broadcast lenses can be attached using a B4 mount adapter, and IP streaming support is also available, in addition to in-camera recording and external recording.

  • Full Frame CMOS Sensor
  • 5.9K 50p/60p Raw with Codex Recorder
  • Internal UHD and DCI 4K Recording
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF & Dual pixel Focus Guide
  • ProRes and XF-AVC Recording
  • Modular design for user optimization


Full-frame CMOS Image Sensor and Support for 5.9K RAW Shooting

The EOS C700 FF / EOS C700 FF PL is the first camera in the Cinema EOS line to feature a full-frame CMOS sensor, which enables recording of videos at a resolution of 5.9K. The abundant data from these images can also be oversampled using non-additive resizing, generating DCI 4K images that boast superior image quality with a wide dynamic range exceeding 15 stops.
Three DIGIC DV 5 image processors work together to reduce moiré and produce visually stunning footage. Recording in a variety of frame rates is supported, up to as much as 168 / 150fps in 2K / Full HD and 60fps in 5.9K with the dockable Codex Recorder (sold separately), providing a wider range of options in visual expression. This camera does not just make HDR video shooting possible, but is also future-proofed for HDR production.

Supports Various Formats of Recording and Output, including DCI 4K and UHD

The camera comes with two CFast card slots, and supports in-camera recording of 50p / 60p video in both the DCI 4K and UHD resolutions with the XF-AVC codec. With the ProRes codec, in-camera recording of 10 bit 4K UHD video at 30p is possible using the industry-standard ProRes 422HQ format.

When an external Codex Recorder is attached, recording of 5.9K 50p / 60p RAW files is also possible. In addition to the Canon Log 2 gamma, which offers over 15 stops of dynamic range, the EOS C700 FF / EOS C700 FF PL also supports Canon Log 3, which offers 14 stops of dynamic range that is optimized for easy post-processing. The camera is also well-equipped for production of HDR footage, with support for the PQ / Hybrid Log Gamma monitoring formats.

Expandable for a Variety of Production Scenarios; Support for Anamorphic Lenses

Users can choose between the EOS C700 FF, which comes with an EF mount, or the EOS C700 FF PL, which allows attachment of PL mount lenses including anamorphic lenses Such options increase the creative possibilities that can be achieved with this flagship camera. ENG broadcast lenses can also be attached with the use of a B4 mount adapter (sold separately) which enables the camera to be used in a live production situation.

The camera's modular body design, which features mounting holes in different positions, supports the attachment of system accessories including third-party accessories. This enhances the camera's versatility in handling different shooting situations, including studio operations, live and field productions, and even IP streaming.