18 Oct 2013 (Updated)

    ​​New Drivers for Windows 8.1 Users Printing to Canon Laser Printers and Multi Function Devices

    Thank you for choosing Canon products.

    With the launch of Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Operating Systems, we are pleased to inform our customers that most of the drivers for Windows 8 can be used on the new OS without issues.

    The official drivers will be made available on our website in late 2013.

    Taking this opportunity, we would also like to inform you of some symptoms and workarounds, which we found while evaluating the RTM version of Windows 8.1.

    1. SMB send

    When sending data using SMB to an SMB share, an error occurs, prohibiting data to be sent. However, it is possible to browse the folder.

    “Check the Server”
    Error code: #801
    The following are alternative methods of scanning:
    1. WebDav
    2. Scan to Email
    3. USB-scan
    4. FTP

    2. CAPT driver
    Bidirectional communication is turned OFF

    With the printer drivers installed, "Bidirectional support" in printer's properties will be disabled if OS is upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 (The checkmark in the checkbox is removed).
    • Upon upgrading OS, place a checkmark in "enable bidirectional support" in the "printer's properties".
    • if OS is not upgraded yet, uninstall the printer drivers, upgrade OS, and install the printer drivers.

    This is caused by the OS, and Microsoft will post the issue to KnowledgeBase. A remedy by the way of Microsoft hotfix / update will be issued by Microsoft in November.

    Please check back for updates or contact your nearest sales company if you have any queries.