PowerShot V10

Vlog Your Way

A camera so small and lightweight that you might forget that it is in your bag. Create professional-quality 4K videos with ease using the PowerShot V10 with its 25.4-mm CMOS sensor with DIGIC X. Elevate your content using the built-in stand and microphone. With image stabilisation, record your vlog steadily, and the smooth skin tones feature will make you look amazing in your videos.

  • Weighs only 211g with Built-in Stand & Microphone
  • 4K UHD 30p with 25.4-mm CMOS Sensor & Image Stabilisation
  • Wide-angle Lens, Face Tracking & Smooth Skin Tone Mode

Compact &


The PowerShot V10 is a compact and lightweight camera that will easily fit in your bag alongside your daily necessities. The camera comes in two colour variations*, black and silver.

With a form factor so small and a weight of only about 211g, it could easily fit in your pocket. This makes it comfortable to hold for both vertical and horizontal recording. 

*availability depends on market 

It was made with ergonomics in mind. You can record longer with just one hand. No more fumbling around with big, heavy gear when a good vlog moment comes along. You can blend in with the crowd when you shoot in public with this inconspicuous device in one hand. 

Quality Recording
In Your Palm

Record in 4K ultra-high definition, which has four times the resolution of full HD, to get the clearest, most realistic footage.


25.4-mm CMOS Sensor

Show accurate colours with Canon's colour reproduction technology from the EOS series. Capture stunning details using the 25.4-mm CMOS sensor and a DIGIC X image processing engine to record videos with stunning details that will impress your viewers.

Switch to the Auto Photo mode and capture high quality still images of up to 15.2-megapixels. 


Auto Movie Mode

The Auto Movie Mode will automatically adjust the colour and brightness to make you look your best in the recording, no matter the lighting conditions. The built-in Auto Neutral Density Filter in the camera effectively adjusts the brightness of your video recording when moving between bright and dark environments.

Built-in Stand & Flip-screen

The PowerShot V10's integrated retractable stand lets you set up your camera anywhere without the need for a separate tripod. You can shoot from a variety of angles, from lower angle or higher angle and the stand can also be used as a grip when you shoot with your hands.

The screen flips up from anywhere between 0° to 180° and makes taking selfies a breeze.

for Wefies

Taking group selfies has never been easier. With the PowerShot V10's 19mm* wide-angle f/2.8 lens, you can fit the beautiful background and your friends all into the shot without you overstretching your arm.

Faces will no longer be hazy. The camera's tracking AF (autofocus) feature will detect and lock onto a person's face, keeping you in sharp focus throughout every video you record.

*When shooting still images, focal length is 18mm.

Amazing Low-light

Get excellent footage even in low light. The PowerShot V10's 25.4-mm sensor captures low-noise video and images in dark environments.

Stable Recording

Shoot handheld and still get steady footage thanks to the camera's Movie Digital IS (Image Stabilisation) Mode.

Quality Sound

The omnidirectional microphones on the PowerShot V10 enable you to record crystal-clear sound in all directions, including frontal and 360° sounds.

Made Easy

It was designed specifically for vloggers and is incredibly light and compact, which makes one-handed shooting while on the go very practical. With 14 different aspect marker options, the PowerShot V10 ensures that your framing is always appealing for the social media platform you prefer.

Smooth Skin

Smooth Skin Movie mode makes you look flawless in your videos. The feature conceals blemishes and pores while keeping the skin looking natural.

Natural Colour

The PowerShot V10 uses the same colour reproduction technology as Canon's EOS cameras to produce colour tones that look vibrant and natural in any lighting.

Colour Filters

The PowerShot V10's 14 trendy colour filters give you the freedom to make the colours in your vlogs fit the mood you want. You also can use these filters while you're recording.

Wireless Connection

You can now connect to your fans via live stream in high resolution directly from the PowerShot V10 with minimal setup. Using the wireless connection between the PowerShot V10 and Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone, you're able to:

  • Live stream with ease to YouTube and Facebook
  • Transfer videos and photos directly from the camera to your smartphone
  • Easily transfer your data to various online platforms (Google Cloud / YouTube / Flickr / Frame.io) via image.canon

*Live streaming-supported platforms may change, stop or terminate without notice. Canon does not assume any responsibilities for services provided by third parties.

Plug & Play Webcam

To transform your PowerShot V10 from a vlogging camera into a webcam* with a 25.4-mm sensor, all you need to do is connect it to your computer using a USB Type-C cable and prop it up using the built-in stand.

*No software or driver needed

USB Type-C Charging

Whenever camera is low on battery, all you need to do is charge the camera using a compatible USB Type-C cable with a wall power point or a compatible portable power bank if you're on the move.